About Us

Shopping trips should be as hassle-free as possible but after finding it particularly frustrating to locate certain brands and store locations whilst shopping on the move, we decided to set up a platform to house all major store locations in one place; a hub whereby users would be able to easily look up a required store's location details with as little hassle as possible.

Operating as an independent company we now provide store information for a number of countries globally. We believe that footfall to stores in our towns and cities, both in Australia and across the world, is vital to the retail industry and should remain a core factor within the consumer shopping cycle alongside the continuing growth and convenience of online shopping and ecommerce.

In creating a one stop portal for major stores and their shop locations we hope that we have made it that bit easier for shoppers to locate their closest stores and in turn help contribute in increasing footfall into the nation's stores. We appreciate all comments and feedback and if you would like to get in touch please contact us here.